Who We Are:

Blue Arkansas is a blog for progressive Democrats in Arkansas. Our mission is to give these progressive Democrats a voice within the party and within the larger political community of Arkansas, to give progressive Democrats here a means of communicating, learning, and organizing, and to advance the cause of the progressive movement through the Democratic Party. We are committed to:

-The advancement of progressive values and policy.

-Standing up for progressive ideas and beliefs even if they are unpopular or not politically correct.

-Holding all politicians accountable to progressive values regardless of their party or record or whether we support them or not.

-The election of the best (most progressive) Democrats possible from the Arkansas House to the U.S. Senate.

Blue Arkansas is not affiliated with any candidate(s) or campaign(s) or any political party or organization. This site is run on a volunteer basis by committed progressive activists who don’t make a dime from their work on Blue Arkansas.

Our loyalty is to progressive values, issues, and policy and not to any individual candidate or organization. Support or opposition to a candidate in one election does not mean support or opposition in another, but all must earn that support and will be held accountable when they are wrong. We are progressives and support the most progressive candidates possible, but we are not ideologues and will support moderate or conservative leaning candidates when we feel that doing so is in the larger interests of the progressive movement. We are also Democrats, and will work to advance the progressive cause through the Democratic party and not a third party, but simply having a “D” after the name on the ballot is not a guarantee of our active support.

Our Goals:

Blue Arkansas seeks to-

-build an online, active, progressive community in Arkansas that can use the site to gain information, network, and share ideas.

-grow the progressive movement in Arkansas and advance progressive ideas, causes, and legislation through activism.

-move the Democratic party in a progressive direction and use the party as a vehicle of change.

-rebut right wing talking points and narratives.

-contribute to change of the political culture through the advancement of progressive frames.

Da Rulz:

Things that will get you banned: We’re not that inclined to use the ban button. It’s there mostly to get rid of spammers. However, don’t do any extensive trolling (trolling is defineds as “being a dick on the internet because you can”, in this case to the point it becomes obnoxious), don’t throw around bigoted (racist, sexist, anti-Semitic, homophobic, etc.) remarks, and don’t post anything we might find to be obscene (the admins will be the judge of what qualifies) or anything that can be construed as a threat of violence. Do any of those things and you’re gone.

Blue Arkansas is a perpetual work in progress.  We are amateurs and rookies here to some degree and we wear those labels proudly. We do make mistakes, and will correct them and/or apologize if you can show us we are wrong. All the authors here have different styles and approaches and we do disagree from time to time, but we still work as a team. ARDem is the creator of Blue Arkansas, but the blog is a team effort and would not be the site it is without the help of all its excellent writers, our tech guy, and all the people who have helped along the way.