The Americans For Prosperity bus tour rolled through Jonesboro and Paragould today.  Only unlike 2010, a couple of things were different.  First, their crowds were considerably smaller than they were then.  Second, they were met with protesters this time.

Now, first let’s talk about Paragould.  We had a great crowd in Paragould and the Democratic Central Committee there turned out a bunch of folks to help with the protest.  I was honestly impressed.  The Greene County Democrats are fighting in a tough environment, but they seem to be bringing an A game this year and it looks like it’s paying off.  Some of them even came down and helped with the protest in Jonesboro.  We got a ton of horn honks, waves, thumbs up, etc. there.  What’s more, at least one of the folks at the AFP rally came over, extended his hand and said “You know, we might not agree or be on the same side here but believe it or not I’m glad to see you guys out here standing up for what you believe.  We’re all Americans here whether we see eye to eye or not and I really thank you guys for being civil and respectful.”  That, my friends, is a Republican with class and character.  Major kudos to that guy.

Now let’s talk about Jonesboro…

We were standing out there listening to the D-List celebrity they got for this, the guy who played Cliff from Cheers and the pig from Toy Stor, and I was watching my old friend Paul Harrell give interviews and wondering why I hadn’t been invited back for a debate after I got to have all that fun pointing out how ridiculous the Jonesboro Bicycle Brigade was on his show.  Again, can’t imagine why I haven’t been invited back…

But anyway, this old guy comes up to us and extends his hand.  I take it.  And I swear he says this:

Let me tell you somethin’.  I worked with coloreds for years and they work real hard when you’re smilin’ at ‘em but stop smilin’ and see what happens.

I took my hand away, told him he was a racist, and turned my back on the old fart.

Immediately after a lady comes up to us and yells “You people are jokes!”  I said, “No ma’am, you’re candidate is.”  She looked absolutely appalled and stormed off.  Another lady screamed “You ought to be ashamed of yourselves.”  We asked “Why?”  She said “Obama’s turning us into a socialist country!”  We said “No he’s not.”  She stormed off.

Then there was the worst of the lot.  This old guy storms over to us, grabs the tiny black girl with the “RomneyHood” sign and yells “YOU NEED TO WORK!”  She responded with “I work two jobs, I go to college, and I’m a veteran.”  He then proceeded to tell her to get out of his way before he ran her over with his car.  A bunch of us guys and some of the older women jumped in and got between him and that girl and the coward backed way off.  He was sputtering mad and blurted out “I quit school in the 8th grade to work.”  One of our guys patted him on the shoulder and said “I believe it.” and walked off.

All in all, we held our own and at one point drowned them out yelling “Obama!”  They came back with “USA! USA!” Gee, why wouldn’t they say “Romney!”?  Don’t think they’re embarrassed by him do you?  Maybe some protestors ought to shout “Romneycare!” at one of their next events.

So yeah, we stood up, held our own, and had a good day.  Our guys were smiling and laughing all the way through.  Their guys had constant scowls on their faces.  They’re losing and they know it.  And again, I was really impressed by the Green County Democrats.  That central committee is getting some serious work done and a lot of committees could learn from that example.  Speaking of which, know how many members of the Craighead County Central Committe were there?  Just one…briefly.  Then again getting most of the folks on that committee to actually work seems to be like pulling teeth, sad to say.

This is not 2010.  Democrats are not rolling over.  We’re standing up and fighting back.  And you know what?  We’re going to keep doing that every year now, no matter what the odds.