You may have noticed that I’ve been absent of late.  Well you know how it goes, life has to come first.  But I just had to post this great new ad that Ellington is up on tv with here in the first district:

It’s a great ad, hitting the jobs message and taking a firm stand against tax breaks for companies that export jobs. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, this is no Blue Dog. This is what a REAL Democrat standing up for ordinary people sounds like, and God is it refreshing!

Now, you might have seen some of the left leaning pundits from Little Rock, who shall go nameless here, more or less writing Scott off. Well, let me assure said pundits that just because a lot of the Democrats down there in Little Rock are totally incompetent doesn’t mean that those of us in the first district are. What? Someone had to say it.

We have our act together up here and we’re doing what Democrats elsewhere in the state should have done starting on day one of 2011-we’re bringing our A-game. Be it the folks that always work their tails off every election like the NEA Progressive Democrats in Action group or the Mississippi County Democrats, or those that have really kicked it into high gear, like the Greene County Central Committee or some great Democrats down in Wynne I can think of, Democrats in this district have pulled together and we have a first class candidate running a great campaign here. Yes, we have some people that can and should be doing a whole lot more than they are. *cough* *hack* Craighead County Democrats! *hack* *cough* But by and large, folks in this district are determined to take it back for team blue.

When Scott had no money and was running against Clark Hall, the Democrat with the money and the connections in the good ol’ boy system here in Arkansas and D.C., everyone pretty much wrote Scott off and tried to hold a coronation for the Blue Dog. Scott kicked his ass in the primary and managed to slug his way through a closely contested runoff. He’s working his tail off on this race and there are a lot of us out here doing the same for him.

We’re going to win in the first. Scott is going to beat Rick Crawford. Zac White is going to beat Missy Irving. Harold Copenhaver is going to beat Jon Hubbard. And to the Democrats down there in Little Rock just let me say this. Don’t worry. After we first district Democrats win in 2012, we’ll show you all how it’s done in 2014.

So come on 1st district Dems. Let’s cough up some cash for Scott to help him keep this ad on the air and run a second one. Contribute to Ellington for Congress, and let’s show ‘em that here in the first we play to win.