I’m with Rachel Maddow and Patrick Murphy on this one.  John Boozman is a disgrace:

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A bill that would provide job training for military veterans failed Wednesday thanks to a Republican filibuster.

Supporters of the plan, which President Obama has endorsed, are ripping the right, insisting they’re playing politics to avoid giving Obama any sort of legislative victory before Election Day. The GOP’s opposition to the bill comes not long after the last jobs report showed unemployment among vets at a whopping 11%.

Democrats wrote the bill with a large amount of bipartisan support. In fact, as MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow noted, four Republican senators—John Boozman of Arkansas, Mike Johanns of Nebraska, Richard Burr of North Carolina, and Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania— all wrote parts of the bill, then voted against it.

“They got what they wanted, then they voted no,” said Maddow, adding that she’d hoped the senators would at least show a “minimum willingness to come together on the issue of veterans.”

Veterans face a serious disadvantage when it comes to the job market.  Their suicide rate is a national embarrassment, in part because a lot of them can’t get their lives together again.  This bill needed two votes to overcome a filibuster.  Two votes.  Boozman could have voted yes and got one of his Republican friends to switch his vote or at least try to.  No.  He wrote his part of it to lie and claim he did something and then he voted no.  John Boozman put his party before the people that fight and die for our country.  He should be horse whipped for that.

When time comes for a Democrat to run against Boozman in 2016, this should be the subject of the first add for the general election.