Nice catch by ArkansasBlog on yet another misleading Republican mailer.  (Yeah, I know, by this point it’s almost cliche.)  This one though sounds kind of interesting as it has Republican Rep. Alan Kerr embracing Governor Beebe, the man who’s agenda Republicans are hoping to stall in the next session.

How you like this? Republican Rep. Allen Kerr’s latest mailer (at least he paid for it himself) leads off with the claim of how much he’s worked with Gov. Mike Beebe. Would that like be when he raised hell about Shane Broadway leading the Higher Education Department, to name another Democrat popular in Pulaski County? Or when he opposed a federal grant to implement the federal health care law. Or when he and his party ripped Beebe personally on account of administration who’d availed themselves of the (legal) ability to retire and then reclaim regular state jobs? Democrat Barbara Graves is apparently getting to Kerr. As she should.

Graves is a highly touted Democratic recruit running in a house seat and against a candidate who, much like Gilbert Baker and his seat, has long been targeted by Democrats.  Graves has got a nice resume and is running a solid campaign, and it’s interesting that while Republicans around the state are pledging to work against Beebe to their base, Kerr is apparently embracing the popular Democratic governor.  Guess that means he has no ambitions for higher office.  That would quickly come back to haunt him in a Republican primary.  That said it’s good to see that Graves has got him running scared and that we’re on offense in this winnable district with a top notch candidate.  Contribute to Barbara Graves.