Justin Harris has become a human punchline.

Harris chimes in later in the post to defend his assertion-that the torn pieces and the mud on it must mean it was a person and not bad weather.  Jason Rapert is also quick to jump in to swear the same thing happened to him.  Thing is, Harris has made some wild accusations in the past.

First, there were the accusations from a defunct Tolbert piece that the University of Arkansas was threatening him to get him to drop his anti-DREAM act legisation.  Here’s the part I quoted from that:

Rep. Justin Harris knew he would have a target on his back when he decided to take on controversial issues such as illegal immigration but he learned this past week just how tough politics can get under the dome in Little Rock as a lobbyist makes a veiled threat involving his preschool business back home.


The University of Arkansas had made no secret that are opposed to HB1008, a bill sponsored by Harris that would exclude illegal immigration from receiving in-state tuition.  That is why Harris was taken back by a statement from UA Vice Chancellor for Government and Community Relations Richard Hudson.

According to Harris, Hudson approached him last Monday and said, “We know you have 12 undocumented workers students at your preschool.” Harris took this as a veiled threat that he better drop his bill or they would use this information to put pressure on him.

In that same blog post, I also detailed the outlandish allegations Harris made against his opponent last cycle, Earl Hunton:

My snooping around eventually landed me a contact with a former reporter for the now defunct White River Valley News by the name of Steve Foster.  Foster told me that the story the Blue Hog Report carried was something he had reported on back in the 2010 campaign.  At one point on the campaign trail, Foster attempted to ask Harris about the apparent hypocrisy in campaigning against government spending while taking so much money from the government while Harris was at an event.  According to Foster,Harris responded by having his wife call the police.  After that, Foster said he had to spend a good amount of time arguing with a cop over what the 1st Amendment said.

But that wasn’t the worst of it.  While speaking with Foster’s  Harris’s former opponent, Earl Hunton, I heard another story that was even more serious in nature.  While on the campaign trail, Hunton said he was talking with a few voters and a woman approached him to say that she couldn’t vote for Hunton because he had “struck a child.”  Hunton said that was untrue and asked where she had heard that.  From Justin Harris, she said.  Hunton, understandibly enraged by the slander, called Harris and left a voice mail threatening to “deal with him personally” and sue him for libel if he kept spreading the story, something Hunton told me he knew now he probrably shouldn’t have done.  (But hey, if someone was running around telling people I hit a kid, that’d be my first reaction too.)  From there, Harris reportedly called the fire department, telling them his gas lines had been cut and the dogs let loose, and that his opponent had threatened to kill him.  (I was so flabbergasted by that that I had to have Hunton repeat that part of the story to be sure I had heard correctly.)

Eventually, Hunton said he confronted Harris directly about all this, reportedly on the day of the Arkansas-Alabama game, and Harris changed his story saying that Steve Foster (a former child abuse investigator) was actually the one who had struck the child.  Beyond the bizarreness of all this, if Harris had actually seen someone strike a child, as someone running a preschool, isn’t he supposed to report it?  I may be wrong on that, but I know the standard applies for public school teachers at least, and should be the decent thing for anyone to do.  Personally though, I think the guy should consider himself lucky that Mr. Foster didn’t file a lawsuit.  It’s one thing to throw mud at your opponent, even something so low as this, it’s another to bring a private citizen into the matter.  On top of all that, if you thought someone was trying to kill you and your gas lines were supposedly cut, wouldn’t you file a restraining order or something?

Over the course of the campaign, this bizarre behavior continued, with Harris accusing Hunton of sending people after him, including Foster, who was trying to do his job as a reporter.  Hunton and a number of other folks tried to alert the press to the goings on but say they were basically snubbed by the Democrat Gazette…

This man really seems to have a serious persecution complex, that or he’s just an A class whiner.  Then again, you kind of have to figure that something’s wrong with anyone who thinks that anything as pure and innocent as Scooby Doo would have something to do with Satan.