One of these men isn’t smiling for a reason.  Our endorsed candidate in the HD-85 race, David Whitaker, the guy who looks very happy in this pic and for good reason, has outraised his Republican opponent, Paul Graham, and has more cash on hand.

FAYETTEVILLE – David Whitaker, candidate for the Arkansas House of Representatives in District 85, announced on Monday that he had significantly outraised his Republican opponent in August.
“Our campaign has been busy working hard to reach out to voters across the district, and our support has come from people of all walks of life,” Whitaker said.
Whitaker raised over $7000 in August, compared to less than $2,600 raised by his Republican opponent, Paul Graham. Whitaker ended the month with over $11,000 cash-on-hand, outpacing Graham by almost $2,500 at month’s end.
“We’ve focused on reaching out to residents, business leaders, and people who care about the direction of our state and country. We’ve had a tremendous amount of success building support in our district,” Whitaker said.
District 85 consists of the city of Farmington and parts of the cities of Fayetteville and Prairie Grove. A veteran of the United States Air Force and graduate of the University of Arkansas School of Law, Whitaker served as Assistant City Attorney in Fayetteville and now teaches at Northwest Arkansas Community College.
Washington County Democrats chair Tyler Clark said on Monday, “David has been working hard and building connections across his district. He has strong support and is in a great position to win in November.”
Of the Washington County based legislative races, Whitaker’s is arguably the most important as it’s a Democratic seat that is open and potentially vulnerable.  Whitaker though has been hustling every day and has shored up a financial advantage.  He’s also working his butt off getting around the district and has some strong connections in the community.  It’s paying off, and it looks like we’re favored to keep this seat.  Democratic fortunes around the country are changing.  We don’t know yet if Arkansas will go against the obvious trend, but hey, at this point, I’m feeling lucky.  And considering we’re set to keep this seat with a progressive champion like Whitaker I’m feeling even better about November will bring.