Bruce Holland…What a jackass…  We all remember “Fireball” Holland’s little run in with the law early last year where he was caught speeding at more than 100 mph and then ran from the cops, claiming he didn’t see officer.  Well Holland’s little incident is back in the news again because he’s apparently made an effort to seal the records related to the incident in order to protect his political career.  Included in the paper was this little quote from the officer that stopped him:

“When asked why he was driving in that manner and not stopping for me, he replied ‘I just got the car yesterday and was trying it out.’”

Uh huh…Trying it out at over 100 mph and breaking the law, not to mention potentially putting someone else at risk.  Biggest jackass ever.

Democrats have pounced on Holland’s attempts to seal the records, with his opponent, Tracy Pennartz,stating:

“I read the Doug Thompson article this morning with dismay,” said Pennartz.

“I found the facts to be troubling—fleeing an officer at 110 mph, passing on bridges and in no-passing zones.” Pennartz added, “Behavior such as this is inexcusable for a State Senator.”

“Anyone who reads this article would find it troubling especially now that there seems to have been an attempt to cover-up the behavior.” Pennartz emphasized, “When a person is given the trust of the people to hold elected office and sent to the Senate or House to make laws, we should live by the laws we pass.”

The DPA followed up with this release:

New information regarding Senator Bruce Holland’s attempted cover-up of court files regarding his complete disregard for the safety of others came to light this weekend with the emergence of documents surrounding his arrest that Holland asked the court to seal. The documents revealed that when the police officer questioned why Holland tried to escape the police officer at speeds over 100 miles per hour, Holland responded “I just got the car yesterday and was trying it out.”
“His reckless disregard for the law and his attempted cover up prove Bruce Holland unfit for the election and unfit for the Arkansas Senate. It is deplorable that Sen. Holland would hold himself above the law, risking the lives of others, and respond to a police officer as if he were playing with a toy,” Candace Martin, communications director of the Democratic Party of Arkansas said.
Senator Bruce Holland requested the court seal documents containing the statement he made as reported by his arresting deputy. When Holland was asked about his attempt to seal these documents and regarding the statements he made, Holland refused to answer.
This is a seat that probably wouldn’t be in play had Republicans not embraced Holland and made sure he won his primary, which is just fine by me.  I’m more than happy to have another potentially competitive state senate seat for us to pick up,especially with a state representative like Tracy Pennartz.  A man that’s going to thumb his nose at the law and put others in danger has no business making laws, and I’m sure that’s something that most people would agree to regardless of party affiliation.
One more thing on this.  The most sickening thing about the whole Fireball fiasco wasn’t Holland’s behavior, at least not to me.  It was watching all of his colleagues, Republican and Democrat, applaud him, slap his back, and come to his defense after the incident.  What this man did shouldn’t be shrugged at.  That’s why the subtitle of the article this came out in bugs me so much: “Moral to this story: When bad things happen, get them over with as soon as possible.”  No, the moral of the story is don’t drive at 1o0 mph!