Generally, endorsements don’t matter much. There are exceptions to the rule though, like when your former opponent in a tightly contested primary either won’t help you or, worse yet, when they cross the isle and endorse your opponent in the general election. It’s even worse for a candidate when that opponent cites their nominee’s lack of integrity and criminal record as their reason. So that said, Bruce Holland and the Arkansas GOP have to be pretty pissed this week that Holland’s former opponent, Republican Rick Green, is endorsing Tracy Pennartz and hammering Holland for everything from dirty campaigning to his little run in with the law.
Pennartz’s press release follows:
Van Buren, AR – Former State Representative and Senate Candidate Rick Green, Republican of Van Buren, announces his endorsement of Representative Tracy Pennartz for Senate District 9.
“You learn a lot about other candidates when you run against them, even candidates within your own political party,” said Green. “In my primary race against Holland, I learned that truth and integrity mattered little with him and that throwing a fellow Republican under the bus was nothing that Holland would stop short of to win the race.”
“I had some hint of Holland’s character early on when I observed his flagrant disrespect for the law by fleeing law enforcement during a high speed chase that endangered many lives in the River Valley. I saw Holland go to the floor of the State Senate and ask for forgiveness but just days later switch from the apology to fighting the charges. He carried this defiance out for over a year, at the taxpayer’s expense, only to finally pleading guilty the day before the appeal trial and probable jail time was reached,” states Green.
Green said, “I have run several tough political campaigns in my lifetime and some of which I have won and some which I have lost. Never have I been in a race where my opponent set out to discredit my record in public service, my marriage, and my integrity as Holland did in our race for the Republican nomination for State Senate in May.”
“For those of you have known me over the years, you know that doing the politically correct thing ranks far down my list of priorities which begins with doing the right thing. I believe that if we had more public servants who believed this way we would see far less gridlock and more focus on serving the people who elected us,” acknowledges Green.
“Having said this, the right thing to do today is to pledge my support for Tracy Pennartz for the Arkansas State Senate for District 9. I had the pleasure of serving two terms with Rep. Pennartz in the Arkansas House of Representatives and I know of no other Representative that has demonstrated more integrity and tenacity for her District than Rep. Pennartz,” emphasizes Green.
“Tracy has proven to be one of the hardest workers in the Arkansas Legislature and I have full confidence that she will work just as hard for all of us as our next State Senator. She believes strongly in bi-partisan constituent service which is so very important to the daily needs of people of our Senate District,” stresses Green.
“I hope you will join me in doing the right thing on Election Day and elect a dedicated public servant whose motivation for public service is to promote our district economically and fight for our beliefs and our causes. As our State Senator, Representative Pennartz will not embarrass us but will uphold the law, and the truths and principles she has lived by all of her life,” states Green.
Bruce Holland is sleeze and it’s catching up to him. This race would likely not be competitive if he didn’t act like he was above the law, or for that matter if we didn’t have a really great candidate like Pennartz. Just goes to show you, you’ve got to bring your A game to every race because you never know when lightning will strike like this. Contribute to Pennartz for Senate.