Gee, I guess running from the cops at over 100 mph doesn’t sit well with law enforcement.  After all, the Oachita Chapter of the Police Benevolent Association just weighed in with an endorsement of Holland’s Democratic opponent, Tracy Pennartz.  From the endorsement letter:

During the interview process State Representative Tracy Pennartz demonstrated why her experiences and values make her uniquely qualified to represent the voters of district 9.  She also demonstrated to the ARPBA that she is committed to making strong, effective law enforcement a part of her campaign.  The Arkansas PBA is proud to announce our endorsement of Representative Tracy Pennartz for State Senate, District 9.

Representative Tracy Pennartz is deeply rooted in the community today.  The Arkansas PBA is proud to put our full support behind her for Senate, District 9, and we ask that you do the same.  According to ARPBA division president Scott Hicks, “A vote for Representative Tracy Pennartz is a vote for the men and women of law enforcement and the citizens they serve.”

Translation-the cops think she’s less likely to put people’s lives at risk flying down the highway testing out how fast a new truck will go and then try to seal up the records afterward.  This is a tough district, but it should an easy choice.  Bruce Holland broke the law and tried to keep the facts of his case from his constituents.  Tracy Pennartz is a dedicated and accomplished public servant and a Vietnam veteran.  She’s also less likely to crash into your car or run over one of your kids.  I think that’s all worth a campaign contribution myself.