Arkansas Republicans are a bunch of scumbags.  This is the mailer that they’re sending out to attack Steve Harrelson:

Where to begin with this nonsense?

First, it’s patently false.  Steve had proposed an amendment that would have strengthened the penalty for protesting a soldier’s funeral beyond a certain line and voted against the bill after that amendment was rejected.  After his amendment was rejected, Harrelson refused to vote for the weaker bill.  When an amendment was put forward last year to strengthen the penalty, Harrelson voted for it.

On top of that, the Republican party is questioning Steve’s patriotism and commitment to veterans just two months after he buried his own father, a Vietnam veteran.

Steve’s hitting back pretty hard on this:

We’re 50 days out from Election Day, and the mud is already flying. If you live in my senate district, you’ve no doubt received a mailer from the opposition listing my cell phone number along with an assertion that questions my support for veterans and my patriotism.

In 2006, a bill was filed that allowed picketing and protesting to take place at funerals if you stand at least 150 feet (50 yards) from the funeral to do it. If you stepped within the 150 foot imaginary line, you were subject to a mere $100 fine.

I was outraged by this, and I proposed an amendment to the author seeking to require mandatory jail time and prohibiting picketing whatsoever. This amendment failed, and I voted against the bill. Now that vote is being twisted to question my support for our fallen military heroes.

In 2011, a better bill was proposed to fix this law requiring any protests to take place further away from funerals than a mere 50 yards, and I voted FOR that bill.


It’s a shame that the opposition would question my support for our veterans a mere two months after I buried my own dad at a funeral that included full military honors due to the service he rendered this grateful nation in Vietnam.

This kind of lie is unconscionable and there should be hell to pay for it.  Contribute to Steve’s campaign and let’s show that we’re not going to let something this disgusting stand unchallenged.  We are going to make them regret that they ever stooped so low.