Jon Hubbard has an interesting idea on how John McCain got the Republican nomination four years ago, as we find out on page 16 of his book:

Everyone knows that the mainstream media has long favored and promoted liberal Democrats, using lies and deception to discredit what once was a proud and conservative Republican Party.  Conservatives should have realized something was up when the mainstream liberal media began to throw its phony support behind John McCain as the Republican Party nominee.  They perceived (and correctly so) McCain to be easier for their newly invented and inexperienced darling candidate Barack Hussein Obama to defeat, so they did whatever was necessary to see that McCain became the nominee instead of more conservative GOP candidates who would have presented a stark contrast to any liberal, socialist candidate the Democrats offered up.  With the success of this charade well in place, the media, as expected, has now turned its attack on McCain, and now true conservatives discovered there was no candidate for them to identify with or to rally around.

McCain’s nomination was the result of a conspiracy by the liberal media…Who knew?